Built to withstand the toughest environment, Challenger cubicles are designed for high traffic and wet area use. Using solid grade laminate panels and carefully designed hardware system, these cubicles are the ultimate in durability for a long-lasting solution. Challenger cubicles also have some great design features such as concealed fixings, 3 bolt-thru hinges per door and uses our exclusive range of high quality polished aluminium hardware for unrivalled durability in the washroom environment.


Environments: Education / Leisure / Office / Retail

Panel Material

13mm Solid Grade Laminate


Colours from Dunhams Colour Selector including Grafix+ prints at extra cost.


SGL panels with polished & radiused edges Pilasters braced with headrail. 150mm floor clearance Polished Aluminium hardware 3nr bolt-thru hinges per door


Height manufactured to request PPC hardware to RAL code. Shower Rail and curtains in lieu of doors Security Fixings

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