4 Signs Your Washroom Needs Refurbishing
5th February 2018

4 Signs Your Washroom Needs Refurbishing

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Washroom and toilet facilities can often be overlooked when it comes to allocating budget and resources for building improvements. As washroom manufacturing expertss, we see countless examples of dilapidated toilet facilities that should have been updated years ago. The importance of high-quality washroom facilities cannot be underestimated for your business or workplace, regardless of who uses it. Here are four easy to spot signs that your washroom may be due a refurbishment.

Delaminating Panels

One of the most obvious signs that your washroom is in need of a refresh is the condition of the laminate panels that are used to hide pipes and plumbing around urinals and sinks. Certain types of chipboard panelling rot when consistently exposed to water. The laminate coatings applied to these panels will start to fall off around the edges as the chipboard underneath rots. This will bring down the overall appearance of your facilities and can make them look both unclean and unhygienic.

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Outdated Colour Scheme

Trends in washroom colour schemes exist in the same way as they do in fashion and interior design. A colour scheme that was once popular may now stand out as completely outdated. Colour schemes chosen in the 1980s now seem extremely questionable and are a big give away that your facilities haven’t been refurbished for a while. Light pink, blue and jade colours with a speckled design pattern were once popular but these have given way to darker wood grain patterns such as walnut which is being used to give a luxurious feel to washrooms. If your toilet facilities are a fashion faux-pas, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

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Missing Locks, Hinges & Fitting 

Day-to-day wear and tear on your washroom fixtures and fittings are to be expected but cubicles with broken locks and hinges bring down the quality of any washroom. Inadequate facilities like this can be extremely annoying to washroom users as they often render them unusable. There is nothing worse than a cubicle that doesn’t lock or a door that won’t close properly and these telltale signs that your washroom is out of date.

washroom toilet refurbishment

Cracked & Discoloured Sanitaryware

Toilet pans and washbasins made from porcelain are susceptible to cracking over time. Leaking toilets and taps can also discolour this sanitary wear and easily show the age of a washroom. This kind of wear-and-tear can show the age of the sanitaryware and as a result, reflect on the age of the washroom as a whole. Consider replacing heavily worn sanitaryware to improve the quality of any washroom.

Recognise any of the signs above? Be it for a school washroom refurbishment or a commercial toilet refurbishment, contact our expert washroom consultants to discuss your requirements.