Environmental Statement

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to limiting our impact on the environment and are always striving for new ways to be more sustainable in all areas of our business.


Sustainable & Ethical Supply Chain

We are constantly reviewing our supply chain to ensure that products are responsibly, ethically and sustainably sourced.

All of our wood-based board material comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified suppliers, so you can rest assured that the wood used in our products comes from forests which are responsibly managed, socially beneficial and environmentally conscious.


Waste Management

Thanks to an industrial wood burner we are able to burn a high percentage of our waste board material, therefore reducing our waste to landfill and also sustainably heating our entire factory – it’s win win!

We are also committed to recycling where possible and most of our HPL products have a minimum content of 20% recycled paper.


Energy Management

An investment in 2 large arrays of solar panels means we are proud to generate a significant amount of our own electricity and at peak times we are even able to export surplus renewable electricity back into the National Grid.

We have an external energy consultant to assist us with ongoing efficiencies in our energy management.  Things such as sensor lighting and auto shutdown of machinery when not in use are other examples of things we have implemented to reduce our energy usage.

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