Solid Grade Laminate Panels Examples
15th April 2021

Benefits of Using SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) Panels In Your Washrooms

Benefits of Using SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) Panels In Your Washrooms

Solid Grade Laminate – also known as Compact Grade Laminate – is the perfect material for providing durable and modern looking washrooms.

First and foremost, when designing a washroom, you need to consider the needs of the people that will be using this washroom to decide which range is suitable for their requirements. Check out our Cubicle Buying Guide to decide which range works for your project. In this blog, we’re focusing on our SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) ranges.

A wide variety of our ranges are supplied in this material – from Challenger and Altitude Cubicles, ideal for school washrooms, to Aspect and Vista ranges to suit corporate office facilities. Coordinating SGL Duct Panels for wall panelling and various ranges of vanity units, with SGL bases and other washroom solutions such as changing room lockers and benching making it possible to use the same material throughout the whole washroom.

We can also manufacture tidy, hygienic and stylish solutions with our IPS (Integrated Plumbing Systems) Panels that are made from solid grade laminate. Our SaniDUCT range is a pre-plumbed version of these panels making them  the ideal, easy install solution for medical environments such as hospitals and surgeries

Why SGL? – What are the benefits of using SGL:

  • Let’s start with the basics. What is ‘Solid Grade Laminate’? SGL is a material made by compressing numerous layers of paper. These layers form the high-strength panels which we then use to manufacture long-lasting washroom solutions.
  • It is renowned for its durable, water and liquid resistant nature. Which is why we always recommend it for use in school washrooms, or any other high traffic or wet area washrooms, and is a necessity for shower cubicles.
  • Our SGL ranges come in a variety of colours and designs. They can be used in any washroom from nurseries to office buildings and complete your design perfectly.
  • We also supply our SGL ranges with Sanitized® antibacterial treatment as standard. This eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria which significantly increases washroom hygiene at no additional cost.
  • With its smooth antibacterial finish and impermeable nature, it also is one of the easiest washroom materials to clean and maintain.

Now with these wide range of benefits, why would you even choose another material to use? Although, if you’d still like to explore your options contact us and our expert team can advise you on the suitable materials for your project.