Project Specification


We worked from the design stages alongside NPS Property Consultants and then into construction with Morgan Sindall Construction on this exciting £8million development project to create a new 420 place primary school and standalone nursery.

The new-build school was part of the Norfolk County Councils county-wide investment programme to increase school capacity in growing communities across Norfolk.


With such a variety of ages attending the school, a variety of washroom ranges were required – from Nursery Toilets to Junior Washrooms.

The different stages require different washroom features – for nursery and reception toilets the main need is easy supervision and making the washroom areas attractive for use.

For the older years more privacy is needed and a sense of responsibility as they develop in age and get closer to leaving for High School.


Kinder SGL Cubicles in a vibrant colour scheme was the final choice to provide attractive washrooms for the Nursery and Reception years.

Nursery Washtrough Vanity Units were low level to make the handwash facilities attractive to the younger years.

Suitable provision was also made for baby change units with a custom size cubicle partition to create a easy to use facility.

The early years of Key Stage 2 Washrooms were kitted out with Junior Toilet Cubicles – with curved doors and divisions for supervision when required, but the cubicle height pilasters and headrail give the users more security and privacy as they mature and advance through the school.

This progresses further for the older Key Stage 2 Student Washrooms, where we adapted our Challenger Range, to maintain the curved doors and divisions design feature but to increase to full cubicle height for further privacy and security for the year 5 and 6 students.

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Colour plays an important part in School Washrooms – for Primary School Toilets bright colours & combinations often make the washrooms more attractive and feel safe.

The Washroom colours were carried out through all the Primary School Toilets, providing a fair and neutral feel for all student users.

The colour choice also allows for colour differentiation, with different colour cubicle doors to the pilasters, walls and floor, meeting the required regulations for new build school projects.

Hethersett Colours:

Nursery, KS1 & KS2 Washrooms

Flagstone                                                   Apple                                              Snowfall (Solid Surface)








Disabled, Staff & Visitor WC’s

Cypriot Oak                                          Chalk                                                    Grey Stipple


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