Project Specification


Part of the £5 million renovation project to develop state-of-the-art Academy facilities at the NCFC Colney Training Centre

The renovation project has ranged from installation of new pitches, irrigation systems, pitch-side stands to a new Academy building which we were privileged to be involved with working alongside LSI Architects in the design and supply of the Changing room and Washroom areas.


As the training ground is used all day every day, the washrooms and changing rooms needed to cope with a high usage at peak times as players swarm the facilities before and after training sessions and matches.

Due to the busy daily schedule in the training school there are limited times when cleaning is possible, therefore the washrooms solution needed to be an easy quick clean solution.

Along with all-weather  wear and tear proof and easy to clean, the facilities needed to comfortable and attractive and reflect the positive colour scheme of the club.


Challenger SGL Cubicles with corresponding Duct Paneling supplied to match the clubs corporate colours gave the washrooms a light airy feel.

With the 200mm floor clearance of the Challenger Cubicles, and wall hung benches the washroom and changing rooms are straightforward and quick to clean.

Bespoke SGL shelving units to coordinate with the benching complete with keypad lockers gives the storage solution as well as looking part of the washroom fit-out.

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