Project Specification


Trinity Park, Suffolk Showground attracts thousands of visitors annually – around 90000 people are expected to visit the showground for the annual Suffolk Show alone each year.



The washrooms needed to be highly durable to cater for the huge footfall spikes and heavy usage endured during various events throughout the year.


Dunhams worked alongside Hollins Architects to prepare a project specification to meet these key objectives.

The proposed cubicles system is our legendary Challenger range complemented with pre-framed SGL Duct+ IPS system to conceal the services and SGL Vanity Units suited to high traffic washrooms


Why SGL?


Public Toilets are often exposed to the outside environment be it wind, rain, sea or sand along with high volumes of traffic and heavy usage.

Solid Grade Laminate is a durable and waterproof material option which can withstand heavy usage and harsh conditions.

It is also important that high traffic areas like this are quick and easy to clean, which again SGL with its impermeable capabilities is the best suited material for this.

Challenger Cubicles provide the more budget friendly SGL option, but if your project requires extra privacy our Altitude range is also available in SGL.


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