Project Specification


The University of East Anglia is a hub of construction activity, with new buildings and learning areas opening every year to accommodate for the increasing quantity of students.

Building 60 is one of the latest developments – described as a ‘state of the art’ teaching space at the campus, opening September 2019.



At Dunhams we were able to support the building’s aim to be sustainable in sourcing and supplying the IPS Panelling manufactured from Smile Plastic Decorative Panels.

These exquisite handcrafted panels are made from 100% recycled material, with the aim of opening peoples eyes as to the unexpected beauty of scrap.



The IPS Panelling we supplied was manufactured inhouse in our factory, on our modern CNC machinery, which meant the panels were manufactured as efficiently as our standard materials, creating no delay in the buildings construction schedule.


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More about the innovative IPS panels.

From chairs made from kids wellie boots to guitars made from yoghurt pots, we have now used this recycled material to create Toilet IPS Panels from banknotes – who knows whats implanted in the plastic panels!

Smile Plastics originated back in 1994, when they produced a range of sheets from plastic bottles. This then expanded to creating sheets from plastic items such as coffee cups, yoghurt pots, CDs, toothbrushes, banknotes and mobile phones creating a crazily patterned mix of colours and adding a retro twist to any building.

A few facts about the panels that we used in this project:

Sustainable. Each panel is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

No VOC off-gassing. They’re all made from chemically inert recycled plastics waste.

Unique. Of course there’s consistency between panels, but each one will still have its own distinct pattern.

Hand-made. Each panel is crafted by hand.

100% waterproof. Rot-proof and strong weather resistance

UV resistance. The vibrant colours won’t fade in the sunlight.


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