Choosing the Right Cubicles

When it comes to choosing the right cubicle system for your washroom requirements, there’s a lot to consider. Whilst selecting the right washroom colour scheme is an important part of any washroom or toilet refurbishment, a major consideration is deciding which material and panels to use in the design.

With 50 years experience in manufacturing and supplying toilet cubicles, we are here to advise and recommend the right products, that not only suit your style and budget but are also appropriate for the industry and level of usage.

Use our table below to select the best system for your project.

Challenger cubicles close up straight on - wood grain

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We use two standard types of laminate to construct our cubicles:

  • Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) is strong, durable and entirely resistant to any liquid, so suitable for high traffic, wet area washrooms, such as schools, leisure facilities and campsites. Its also has a Sanitized® material finished making it the mots hygienic washroom material and very popular within the medical sector.
  • High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is best suited to medium or light traffic areas, ideal for restaurants or offices. HPL isn’t suitable for areas which are constantly wet or have a high level of traffic such as schools and education facilities, leisure centres, swimming pools and campsite shower cubicles and changing areas. These require SGL which is appropriate for high humidity spaces and is totally impervious to water.
  • Our bespoke duct panels or Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS),are also available in both HPL or SGL and offer a hygienic and stylish solution to hide plumbing or tidy areas.

Schools & Education Facilities


  • We’ve designed our medical products to the sectors top requirements – durability and easy clean and maintenance.
  • Saniduct – our Integrated Plumbing Handwash System  is a popular product for the medical sector – manufactured in Sanitized® SGL and with the option of being pre-plumbed and pre-framed in the factory with HTM/HBN  compliant sanitaryware, the unit it’s a durable, easy install solution popular in hospitals and health facilities across the UK.
  • For toilet, shower and changing cubicles the Challenger range provides a budget friendly,  quick fix, sturdy solution staff and visitor washrooms or changing and shower rooms.
  • To increase user privacy our Full Height Cubicles available in the Altitude range are the affordable, budget friendly full privacy solution.

Commercial & Retail:

  • For commercial cubicles, for example in facilities such as retail premises and office buildings, the Classic range offers a versatile, budget friendly washroom cubicle range and is a flexible modular system for dry area washrooms using HPL.
  • For a more sophisticated style, providing full privacy, Vista cubicles have an uncompromising quality, with clean uncluttered aesthetics perfect for high-end corporates and hotels. The range is also available in SGL and HPL – whichever material is best suited to the washroom requirements.
  • Washroom design has a big impact on the overall feel of an office or restaurant, and if you’re looking for cubicles with a premium edge, the Aspect collection offers a stylish yet high-strength solution for busy washrooms. Again available in SGL and HPL It is ideal for prestigious washrooms in offices, restaurants, spa and leisure facilities for a sophisticated look.


  • SGL ranges are most commonly required in the leisure industry. Leisure has specific needs when choosing washrooms, with exceptionally high traffic levels and need to be aesthetically pleasing to clients and washroom users.
  • Challenger is the the most popular for campsites and caravan parks bieng durable and affordable.
  • The Altitude range is also a good choice, available in SGL its also suitable for shower cubicles and the range provides extra privacy, with optional privacy plinths to divisions, the perfect solution for the growing trend of open unisex washroom areas.
  • Also avaliable in SGL, for a sophisticated streamline style the Aspect collection offers a stylish yet high-strength solution for busy washrooms.

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