commercial shower cubicles
28th July 2021

What You Need to Know About Commercial Shower Cubicles?

commercial shower cubicles

Commercial shower cubicles need to be functional and practical, but appearance is also a major consideration when designing and creating washrooms and shower cubicles. Whether for office buildings, medical or leisure facilities, commercial shower cubicles should be fashioned with your industry in mind and planned to meet your user’s specific requirements.


Shower Cubicle Design & Functionality 

We manufacture shower cubicles for a variety of sectors including schools, gyms, leisure spaces and businesses.  Different settings may require different functionality, for example increased privacy within educational and business settings and more open washroom and shower facilities with communal shower areas for leisure venues.

Shower cubicles systems for the commercial sector are becoming increasingly popular as lots of offices are now starting to include shower facilities in their premises in both new build and refurbishment projects. We are able to create bespoke commercial shower solutions customised to your requirements, taking into consideration factors such as privacy, size and the space available.


Durability & Maintenance

Whatever the setting, changing rooms and commercial shower cubicles are always wet environments. It is essential that they provide water durability and withstand a constantly humid environment.

That’s why the ranges we recommend for shower cubicles are manufactured from solid grade laminate (SGL). This material is both strong and durable, making it suitable for all commercial shower cubicles. It’s also easy to maintain and keep clean which reduces wear and tear, especially in washrooms with high levels of daily use and heavy footfall.


Changing Room Shower Cubicles

We understand that changing rooms and shower cubicles are often busy areas and in some industrial and factory units these areas can be in use almost 24/7. Therefore the changing and shower areas need to be able to cope with a time limited cleaning and maintenance schedule as well as being attractive for use. This was demonstrated in a project completed at Norwich City Football Club training ground. The washroom and changing rooms needed to cope with a very busy daily schedule and be quick and easy to clean because of limited times when cleaning was possible.

We supplied Challenger Cubicles in the changing rooms, designed to match the club’s corporate colours and bespoke SGL shelving units to coordinate with the benching. Challenger is a very budget friendly shower cubicle range and alays works well in combined changing & shower areas.

The Challenger range is often chosen for industrial and factory shower and change facilities whereas our Vista and Aspect SGL range shower cubicles are more the popular choice for corporate office shower facilities.

Whether it’s a football club’s changing rooms or facilities in an office, there are a variety of changing room and shower cubicle options available. We can help you find the commercial shower facilities to suit your budget and venue.


Shower Cubicle Colours & Designs

In addition to highly durable and waterproof surfaces, a consistent colour scheme can create a stylish and unique washroom. Our product range doesn’t just stop at shower cubicles, we supply toilet cubicles, wall panelling, vanity units and lockers and benching all in a coordinating colour scheme to the changing and shower cubicles.

Check out our standard range colour options available or experiment with our online washroom designer to see the vast choice of shower cubicle colours and design available.


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