Dunhams Believe in a Greener Future: New Solar Panel Roof
3rd March 2022

Dunhams Believe in a Greener Future: New Solar Panel Roof


Dunhams Believe in a Greener Future: New Solar Panel Roof

At Dunhams, we believe in supporting a greener future for our consumers and the world around us. We have recently installed a solar panel roof at our factory which is an additional feature of our sustainability policy. The UK has pledged to meet net-zero CO2e by 2050 and we believe it is important to take impactful actions to play our part as industry specialists. Read on to understand the steps we are taking to reduce our environmental impact and continue our journey as a sustainable business.

A New Solar Panel Roof and What Else?

Alongside installing a solar panel roof, we continue to make important changes as a sustainable business. Our high-quality British products are sourced from local suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions from long-haul travel. We choose materials that are long-lasting and durable, in addition to being predominantly recyclable, which are both positive sustainability features. We promote the sustainable production of washroom systems and reduce our waste wherever we can.


Why Did We Choose to Install a Solar Panel Roof?

It is predicted that by 2050, ¼ of our global electricity needs could be covered by solar power. We installed a solar panel roof as a way to promote the future of renewable energy for commercial businesses. By installing a solar panel roof, we are taking steps towards becoming a carbon-neutral supplier of washroom systems. Solar power energy is truly renewable, and it produces no air or noise pollution. You can rest assured that we are a sustainable choice as a provider of washroom cubicles and locker systems.

The Sustainable Impact Our Solar Panel Roof Can Make

With a solar panel roof, it requires no additional resources to function other than a clean water supply. It is a truly renewable energy source and means that our factory will use environmentally friendly electricity to power itself. Solar power energy does not pollute our air or contribute to global warming, so we believe it is an impactful action we have taken as members of the commercial washroom industry to reduce our CO2e.


The Sustainable Materials We Use

We use a range of sustainable materials including solid grade laminate (SGL) and aluminium. SGL is a highly durable, sustainable product that can last for 15-25 years plus. Our washroom systems are bespoke and adjustable to different settings so there is minimal waste created. We are dedicated to being responsible manufacturers and we source our materials locally, which in turn reduces the carbon emissions we produce.

The Future of Our Sustainability Policy

We are passionate about progressing the commercial washroom trade as a sustainable industry. Dunhams will continue to analyse the ways that we can make improvements such as waste minimisation, using sustainable products, and producing low emissions at every step of the process. We believe in a better, brighter and greener future and reducing our impact on the environment for generations to come.

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