High Pressure Laminate VS Compact Laminate
1st November 2022 by KH Digital

High Pressure Laminate VS Compact Laminate

High Pressure Laminate VS Compact Laminate

As a washroom system and fittings supplier, Dunhams Washrooms provide their professional insight into whether you should choose High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or Compact Laminate for your washroom installation project.

We have previously compared HPL against SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) so you can make the best informed choice for your installation. Whether you are fitting out a bathroom for a school, leisure centre, healthcare facility or a shopping centre – you need to know that the materials used are suitable.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

HPL surfaces are a great choice for laboratory surfaces or healthcare centres, including industrial spaces which rely on durable workspaces.

Dunhams’ have explored the pros and cons of using HPL surfaces, including their limits and the best applications for use.

HPL Pros

Affordability – The price of HPL can vary on numerous factors, including colour, design and the surfacing manufacturer you choose. Compared to other choices for industrial applications, they are generally the most economical option.

Possibility for Heat Exposure – While HPL can’t be exposed to extreme heat exposure, it can be used in applications where some heat sources are present.

Wear Resistance – HPL is durable, and maintains a high quality look and feel due to its impact, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Low Maintenance – HPL is visually appealing, available in various designs and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for surfaces that need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Availability of Decorative Options – One of the main benefits of using HPL is you can customise the look of your finished product. At Dunhams, we allow you to personalise the look and feel of your HPL so it fits in with your washroom.

HPL Cons

Avoid Extreme Environments – A major drawback of using HPL is they have a low resistance to chemicals and corrosives, so may not be suitable for use in areas of high chemical use.

Limited Applications – As you need to avoid extreme environments with HPL, this limits where they can be used including not installing HPL for chemical storage.

Compact Laminate

Compact laminate surfaces are often an excellent choice for those with a tight budget, and have the benefits of being readily available and in a multitude of style options.

Compact Laminate Pros

Often Indistinguishable From Other Materials – When pitted against real stone and timber, a typical visitor to your bathroom wouldn’t often be able to tell the difference between compact laminate and the real deal.

Hard Wearing – Much like HPL detailed above, compact laminate as a surface is durable and long lasting. It’s resistant to marks and stains, as well as being low maintenance.

Hygienic – Compact laminate is a hygienic surface to use. With it being easy to clean and maintain, you can rest assured that your washroom remains a welcoming and comfortable place.

Compact Laminate Cons

Damage is Permanent – Unfortunately, with compact lamination any damage to the surface is permanent. If there’s damage, it’s easier to replace the surface.

Excessive Heat Exposure Can Damage – While compact laminate can resist heat for short periods of time, it isn’t recommended you put hot pots, pans, hair straighteners or other hot items directly on your surface. Exposure to heat can soften adhesives within the worktop and it can cause deformities which can be difficult to repair.

With this information, you can now decide whether Compact Laminate or HPL is a better choice for you. Dunhams Washrooms provide HPL as a surface option – so you can know your bathroom or changing room has the highest quality surfaces to welcome visitors.

Get in touch with Dunhams Washrooms to discuss the value of HPL for your installation project.