How washrooms can be made touch free...
22nd July 2020

How washrooms can be made touch free…


In a world where hygiene has become a top priority for all sectors from Schools to Shopping Centres the trend of building design has moved to more open plan, spacious room layouts where possible.

The washroom is an area where open plan/door free is not always workable, with privacy of washroom users being the highest priority.

This means there are plenty of touchpoints in a washroom area – from the cubicle lock to the toilet flush and the tap handle, which can be the cause of cross-contamination of germs and diseases.

With over 50 years experience with evolving with washroom design, we have been analysing and implementing features and products that we can offer to create hygienic washrooms in buildings.

Starting with existing washrooms, where budgets can’t stretch to refurbish the whole washroom and the washroom owners maybe dubious to change the whole room layout or design, what we can recommend is sensor taps and toilet flushes to reduce one touchpoint and in turn stop the spread of thousands of potential germs – these are available to purchase on our online store.

We have also expanded our range to introduce Handwash Protection Screens to give a temporary or permanent solution to stopping potential cross-contamination when hand washing.

If you are looking for a full washroom refurbishment we have also introduced the Anteon Cubicle range – a strong and sturdy Solid Grade Laminate cubicle range complete with Antimicrobial Copper cubicle fittings. – read more about this range and the health benefits of copper other than just for looks over against stainless and other fittings products.