Is your Washroom Turning Customers Away?
24th August 2018

Is your Washroom Turning Customers Away?

Gone are the days of functional, merely fit for purpose washrooms. Today, quite the opposite applies. Customers expect much more from their consumer experience and the washroom is an integral aspect of that. In fact, the state of a company’s toilet facilities can play a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. Washrooms with the wow factor can even help to boost the bottom line.

Commercial Washroom


Poor washroom facilities reflect badly on the overall state of a business. To customers, washroom conditions and in particular, hygiene, cleanliness and overall quality are a reflection of the business as a whole. Washrooms affect the consumer experience. A clean and appealing space encourages customers to stay longer and boosts the likelihood of repeat business. An unattractive one, however, will have the opposite effect and can even impact negatively on an otherwise great reputation.

Create The Right Impression

The washroom is often the first place a customer will visit and everyone knows that first impressions count. Customers want to experience a clean and welcoming environment with quality facilities and plenty of space. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that washroom design is up to scratch and not left to chance. A restaurant may well serve fabulous food but if the toilet facilities don’t reflect the same high standard, it can reflect badly on the business as a whole.

Commercial Washroom - Wooden Brown


A bad experience is always more likely to be passed on than a positive one. Lacklustre facilities will create a poor impression that customers are bound to share with friends and family. Ratings and reviews also pack a powerful punch. A bad review is bound to influence other consumers and many people may make the decision to avoid an establishment based on a poor washroom review.

Branding is an essential element of any organisation. It acts as a promise to customers, informing them about what they can expect from products or services. In effect, it informs every interaction someone has with an organisation. Historically, huge sums of money are generally spent on brand promotion by means of traditional marketing and advertising. Today, there are other considerations. While an organisation’s toilet facilities may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, the washroom experience speaks volumes about your brand. Any disparity can obscure the brand message. Washroom facilities should not simply be functional, they should also be in keeping with your brand.

Many businesses choose to include corporate colours and logos in their washrooms. This creates a unique feature and a coherent, professional feel for the facility. Stand-out features and unique interior design touches will add the wow-factor to washrooms while creating a comfortable environment for users.

Cleanliness Is Key

A clean washroom delivers a positive message to consumers. It suggests that the establishment itself is clean and hygienic. It also reflects an organisation’s values and attitudes towards its customers. An attention to detail helps to ensure that customers feel valued and that a business takes their experience seriously.

Commercial Washroom - Modern style


Overflowing bins and dirty sinks won’t encourage consumer confidence. Poor washroom hygiene levels reflect on a business as a whole. If a toilet is below par, simply imagine what may be occurring in the kitchen. While this may seem an obvious parallel to draw in service industries, such as hotels and restaurants, washroom hygiene is equally important for a broad range of businesses.

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