Commercial Changing Room Cubicles

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Strong And Durable Solid Grade Laminate Changing Cubicles.

We design and manufacture changing cubicles for a multitude of industries, from schools to offices, leisure centres to commercial organisations. All of our changing cubicles are completely customisable and can be modified to suit your requirements. No matter the design, size or shape, we can provide changing cubicles to suit the character of your space.

Changing Cubicles - Specification

About Our Systems

If you’re after the simplicity of a standard changing cubicle, then we’d say that the Challenger range is the best place to start. They’re specifically designed to be put through their paces and come out shining and have been developed over the years to be one of our most versatile and durable systems. Effectively using SGL (solid grade laminate) panels and the finest polished aluminium fixings, these cubicles can handle just about anything that may be thrown at them. For a different aesthetic feel, turn to our Vista and Altitude systems. These are also constructed from SGL and offer a wonderful balance of robust construction, eye-catching design and total privacy.

All of our changing cubicles are made to be reliable and durable. We’ve been designing and making changing cubicles for over half a century and have unparalleled expertise in the sector. You can rely on us to craft and install changing rooms that are ideal for your space.

The following systems are suitable for use as changing cubicles

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