Nuance is the ultimate solution for Hygienic Wall Panelling for washrooms and wet areas.

The Nuance System is easy to install, uses 3 times less sealant than tiling and has been sealed with the Sanitized® treatment to ensure the wetroom wall covering is completely waterproof and hygienic.

The wall covering is suitable in new and refurbished washrooms – and has the economical benefit of being suitable to use instead of or on top of existing tiling.

The system is suited to all sectors – from healthcare to hospitality.

Nuance Wall Panelling specification

Main Features of Nuance


The panel core of Nuance is made from a composite material, its naturally water-resistant and remains so over time. Its rounded edges mean Nuance does not require edge trims, therefore ensuring optimum hygiene.


Using 3 times less sealant than tiling, Its tongue-and-groove assembly makes it quick and easy to install, while the invisible joins give a stylish finish.


The adhesive and the colour-matched waterproof sealants have been developed from the aeronautics industry and are proven to be rot-proof and reinforced – ensuring long-term prevention of any water ingress.

Size & Thickness


260 × 120 cm rounded edge / tongue

260 × 120 cm tongue / groove

260 × 60 cm tongue / groove

THICKNESS: 11.7 mm


• Shower wall covering

• Bath wall covering

• Full-height wall covering for the entire wetroom

• Toilet covering

• Sink/ Washtrough splashback

Nuance 6 panel finishes 33 decors
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