Resilic Washtrough 2
24th December 2020

Resilic – The Toughest Washtrough



Fibreglass in washrooms? Who would have dreamt it!

During the depression years of the 1930’s the Owens-Illnois Glass Company, with a long record of innovation were seeking new markets for glass and employed an engineer called R. Games Slayter to come up with ideas for their business to diversify.

The Fibreglass material was come across almost accidentally as Slayter was exploring ways to fuse a coloured trademark on a bottle he had an unintended result of a heap of cotton like fibres. Further development of  this ‘accidental experiment’ created a material for thermal building insulation – marketed under the trade mark of Fiberglas.

Used as a reinforcing agent for many polymer products this created a lightweight composite material called glass-reinforced plastic which has become known as Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) – the material the Resilic washtrough is constructed from today.

The Material is also known as fibreglass, composite plastic or GRP, it is strong, extremely light and highly versatile making an excellent material for washtroughs in high traffic and hygiene conscious washroom areas.

Also compared to stone and solid surface wash troughs the Resilic Washtrough is mould manufactured in one piece – eliminating any bacterial grown or without encouraging any cracks or splits on the washtrough surface.

The lightweight trough is suitable for easy installation anywhere, indoors or outdoors from  the school washroom to the operating theatre.

Exclusive to Dunhams and finished with an all-important Microban® antimicrobial protection this affordable, antibacterial trough is an increasingly popular solution.

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Resilic - The Toughest Washtrough