School Washrooms

We work with schools, colleges, and nurseries around the UK to supply our exemplary washroom systems. From primary school toilet cubicles to changing room bench systems, we transform washrooms in a wide range of educational institutions.

Our extensive experience ensures seamless and successful completion of your washroom refurbishment project. By using high-quality British products at a competitive price, we deliver an efficient and superior service for all our clients. Whatever your requirements, we understand the unique demands of school and college washroom refurbishments.

Our washroom designs create both functional and inspiring spaces. We incorporate unique colours and styling into safe, hygienic and durable washroom systems. Graphics are proving increasingly popular in school washrooms. Bold, bright colours and fun prints make the washroom a more inviting and less intimidating environment for younger children. Graphics also offer an effective design solution for secondary schools. Washrooms that appeal to children and are specifically designed to meet their needs encourage better hygiene and an increased care for their environment. By working closely with the education sector, we have created a graphics range for schools that has helped to reduce vandalism.

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