Hand Towel Dispenser
10th June 2020

The most hygienic way to dry your hands

Hand drying is a part of the handwashing procedure which is often overlooked and skipped – in the busy world we live in how often we see people skip the dryers or paper towels and instead resort to few shakes to stop the drips as they rush off to the next destination.

It has been proven, and as backed by the NHS that hand drying is an essential part of the handwashing process, as wet skin helps to spread bacteria and leaving hands to ‘drip dry’ just spreads the germs even further. It shows not just hand washing but hand drying can also save lives.

So the choice is now between hand dryers or paper towels as the most hygienic solution to stop people resorting to other methods or skipping the important step altogether. Research has proven that paper towels win ‘hands down’. The advantages of paper towels not only include they dry your hands quicker but they also remove more bacteria and are less likely to lead to cross-contamination.

At this current time, hand washing has never been regarded as so important, and as you upgrade your facilities to ensure its as easy as possible for your students or colleagues or customers to wash their hands also consider which method you are offering for hand drying? Another pro of hand towels is cost, hand towel dispensers are certainly the cheapest and easiest to install option, they can also be viewed as a temporary fix, they can always be upgraded or replaced in the future.

The government has also recently promoted the use of disposable paper towels over hand dryers in the guidance for phased return of sport and recreation – read more through this link.

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