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We provide high quality and durable toilet cubicles and toilet cubicle panels in an array of sizes to a large range of sectors. We can also supply doors, panels and partitions to suit every budget and style.

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Toilet Cubicle Panel Types

We offer two types of construction laminate panels to construct your toilet cubicles from. As toilet cubicle manufacturers, we can create your products suitable from your choice of material.

Solid Grade Laminate panels 13mm thick, strong, durable, vandal resistant and waterproof, ideal for education, commercial and leisure sectors

High-Pressure Laminate panels  robust, 20mm thick luxurious lipped panels, for dry and lower traffic areas such as Office washrooms

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Colour Range

At Dunham’s we offer a comprehensive range of colour options for your toilet cubicles which suit any taste or design. From high end offices to nursery schools and everything in between, we’ll have an option to fit your needs.

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A Quick Size Guide

There are no set sizes for toilet cubicles or the panels we use to make them, but there are minimum dimensions that have to be adhered to according to the law. Here’s a quick overview, but you can head here for further details.


There must be a minimum 450mm diameter manoeuvering space within any standard cubicle.

standard cubicle size

Enlarged WC Cubicle

If you have a washroom with four or more cubicles inside, then one of them has to be enlarged. This enlarged cubicle needs a minimum width of 1200mm and must feature an outward opening door.

enlarged wc cubicle size

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How Many Do You Need?

As toilet cubicle suppliers, this is a question we get asked a lot here at Dunhams, and the answer very much depends on government regulations. The amount of cubicles required is dependent on the size of the premises, along with what those premises are used for. These regulations cover everything from offices to leisure facilities and educational institutions. You can find the regulation documents here:

Or, you can read our handy guide that covers everything you’ll need to know.

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