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In addition to the standard guidelines to washrooms, when it comes to installing cubicles and washrooms in schools, colleges and nurseries, there are some common points that Ofsted also require you to meet.

Depending on the age of children there are a recommended number of toilets and washbasins for pupils.  Furthermore, there are other considerations such as hygienic changing facilities for changing children who are in nappies and changing facilities with showers for students over 11 years of age who receive physical education.

Transforming a school washroom comes with unique demands and needs to be a seamless experience. Our Washroom Guide for Schools can help you navigate through the different requirements for your educational institution, children and students.

Our Washroom Guide for Schools includes:
  • How to meet common Ofsted points for School Washrooms
  • Standard Guidelines for All Washroom Facilities
  • Early Years Washrooms
  • Key Stage 1 & 2 – Ages 5-11
  • Key Stage 3+ – Age 11+
  • Recommended Vanity Unit Heights for Schools

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How to meet common Ofsted points for School Washrooms

Make sure you have sufficient facilities for all students and staff, this includes showers – even if students choose not to use them.

 Test small details such as hot water temperature, as many schools have slipped in having too high water temperatures, despite killing germs it means students hardly wash their hands as the water is too hot.

Ensure you are putting pupil privacy first – open plan washrooms are becoming more popular to allow for teacher supervision, but alongside making the washrooms more open, you must ensure that the cubicles retain privacy – for example our full height Altitude Cubicle System.

Ensure washrooms are fully stocked with supplies – small details such as insufficient supplies of toilet rolls and paper towels, is a quick and easy point for inspectors to pick up on.

Clearly sign the washroom area, including the user type – male/female and disabled.

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