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Stadiums and similar facilities are always in need of washroom refurbishments, due to the high volume of traffic they get within really short periods of time. That is why it’s vital that these washrooms are built with materials that are extremely durable and also well-planned so that they cater to the individual needs of everyone that might be using them.

There are also various things to consider when building/renovating stadiums, like the changing rooms for teams and match officials. There are certain standards to live up to in these changing rooms, and many regulations involving the doping control area, shower and washroom facilities.

We’ve put together this guide that includes recommendations from the UEFA, to give you a better understanding of what you’ll need to consider when designing washrooms for sports facilities.

Our Washroom Guide for Stadiums Includes:
  • Toilet facility requirements
  • Player & Match officials changing facility requirements
  • Which areas require toilet facilities in the stadium?
  • Standard guidelines for all washroom facilities
  • Recommended ranges
  • Case studies

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