Washroom Information and Inspiration
8th November 2022 by KH Digital

Washroom Information and Inspiration

As a washroom system and fittings supplier, Dunhams Washrooms provide their professional insight into how to install compliant washrooms – as well as some inspiration on how to ensure they fit your brand colours.

Washrooms are a legal requirement for smaller and larger facilities – employers must provide them for their employees, and many other commercial facilities will have to consider the law when providing washroom facilities for paying customers.

For example, we’ve put together this flowchart to help you understand whether you need to provide washroom facilities for customers to your business.

Washroom Information and Inspiration

Simply put, you do not have to provide washroom facilities in a cafe, restaurant or another establishment if you are selling food or drink to be consumed on the premises if there are fewer than 10 seats.

However, toilet facilities must be available for any staff.

If you hold a drinks licence or operate after 11pm (regardless of how long your operating hours are), this will mean your place of business is also obliged to provide toilet facilities.

In the case that your establishment requires cubicle systems or washroom facilities due to legal reasons, or you would like to consider bespoke facilities for your employees, Dunhams Washrooms are a leading washroom supplier and manufacturer.

As for the size requirements for your cubicles, there are minimum dimensions that have to be adhered to according to the law.

Standard Toilet Cubicles must include a minimum 450mm diameter manoeuvring space within any standard cubicle.

Washroom Information and Inspiration

Enlarged WC Cubicles are required when you have a washroom with four or more cubicles. One of your cubicles needs to be enlarged – and this needs to be a minimum width of 1200mm and must feature an outward opening door.

Washroom Information and Inspiration

Washroom Inspiration

At Dunham’s, we offer a comprehensive range of colour options for your toilet cubicles and washroom facilities which suit any taste or design. From hospitality facilities to high end offices and everything in between, we’ll have an option to fit your needs.

For further inspiration, take a look at our washroom colour selector brochure, available for download.

Commercial Office Washroom Inspiration

The brief for this project was to provide washroom products for this large commercial office which come under the category of high traffic zones due to a high quantity of staff and customers using the facilities daily. Washrooms in this environment must be durable, easy to maintain and to clean.

Shopping Centre Washroom Inspiration

The brief for these washrooms were to provide products which are fit for purpose, including:

  • Suitability for all different ages and abilities, including facilities for disabled people and children
  • Durable and hard wearing to cope with the demands of high volumes of traffic and footfall
  • Aesthetically pleasing and kept up-to-date and in good condition to enhance the visitor experience

For more washroom inspiration take a look at our previous projects & case studies. If you’re interested in learning about how we can help you with your next washroom installation project, get in touch with Dunhams Washrooms to discuss our washroom product manufacturing and supply.